Saturday, December 24, 2005

Tsunamika - messenger of Peace , Love and Hope

Tsunami hit one year ago -exactly. Lives were lost in numbers. Families decimated and entire villages wiped out. No word would be sufficient to cover the depth of devastation it had brought to families who had survivors.
One thing stood out... The human values of support and optimism. Auroville had worked with the fisherwomen . Out of the unfathomable sadness and
despair, the energy of keeping the world alive emerged. It was so strong and
so voluntary, it had spread it's wings across the world as a messenger of
humanity and love - like the major religions who took ages to spread the
The symbol of the spirit is a doll Tsunamika. It is a rag doll made of wasteclothes and small items found in houses. The people get Tsunamika with the
passion and love and give it to other fellow men to spread the message
"Peace and Love". In return, one can give money to the people who make the
dolls - which is purely voluntary. No fixed limits of sum is advocated.
Anything out of love is accepted. What can be the best way to spread Love
and Peace in the world which cannot be benchmarked with money?
You can have a look at the and decide what you want to do - as a human.

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