Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Killing The Cats

Twelve tigers were killed in Rathambore in two years. 

Twelve?.. Is this in the same ratio, that the Maharashtra govt declared on the number of people died on 27th August? Govt wants a consistency in its statistics you see.. It could be much more. 

What is more pitiable is the ignorance of what is being wiped out. The community which revers the Tiger as the seat of Godess Durga , mercilessly kills it for some Green bucks. In Nagpur, a villager simply poisoned a tiger in a personal vendetta. It killed his cow. 

 The difference between killing for survival and killing to show who is the mightier is not understood by that poor man, despite the harmonious living the villagers had with the wild beasts for ages. Just wishing that the tribals and villagers in the borders of jungles know how to live there, is disasterous. Probably they don't know anymyore.

We have poisoned the villagers enough with the ugly display of new found wealths in media. It is quite natural for a man to be greedy. What he would turn to.. when he can get more money for just killing a beast which endangers his livelyhood? 

 A proper media campaign in these areas is a must. NGOs who can take this excercise can be helped by those who have expertise in dealing with tribals. If we fail to do immediately, probably one more news you would read very soon " Tigers Extinct in India".

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