Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Satellite Radio- a pain reliever

More Sting Operations... more exposures of corrupt politicians on video.. More of them gobbling the airtime of Breaking News on prime time news channels. Surfeited and bloated with the sickening news , I just turn off the TV and turn on the satellite radio. Bereft of advertisements on new and improved sanitary napkins, the radio is a solace many a times.

I am not an avid radio listener. Neither am I a music afficanado. I cannot even tell a symphony from an opera. Rocks and country are fine for me for 5 minutes or so max.. Drifting a lot, my bad habbit of switching channels in a TV , just follows happily in the satellite radio routine too. The scanning addiction is one way a blessing in disguise.. I tumble across on nice programs in different channels which suddenly captures the mood perfectly.
Amore is a good channel to get famiarized. The India specific (?) channels of regional languages and classical music channels are at best ,a compromise , appealing to the surface level expectations of an average music afficianado. Still, something is different in these channels. The quality of delivery/ absence of advertisements/ selection of songs ...? dont know for sure. May be a mix of all.
If I go with my experience of Tamil channel, I can extrapolate that all regional channels should be utter disappointments to those who want something different from the shreiking FM channels. Full of banal and vapid programs,they do not appeal me at all. My car is always driven in absolute silence when I dont have the selected cassetes or CDs. FM is turned ON to check your time and adjust my watch.
Perhaps, FM has to be that way to keep your expectations unfulfilled sothat they just remain expectations. The satellite radio can relieve the pain you get by listening all these noises of FM.
Try this paracetamol /ibuprofen. Just see that you dont get acidity.
Happy listening

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