Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year Resolutions


Sending greetings by email, mobile and all possible communication media kept me busy for half a day ( from 31st night to 1st morning). Searching through the phone numbers in 05 diary, trying to relate the number to the name ( how many Kannans I have to deal with ?) , 'Oh , sorry, This used tobe my friend's number six months ago' - excuses for those lazy chums who have not updated their new numbers... fun and exhilarating.

Perai Srini has taken a new year resolution-- visit the temple and don't offer in Hundi. He has his reasons for it. I have been asked by my wife several years to take a resolution. which I cannot fulfil. Probably, I should tell her to take a resolution - not to ask me to take one. That too will be a resolution for me - knowing her intransigence.

One list in Hindustan Times captured my attention. Just a simple list. Nice to have them. It will be very nice to execute as well. One I liked " DO SOMETHING GOOD TODAY TO OTHERS WHOM YOU DON"T KNOW." This brings back a memory of a timely help in Mysore I received by one pastor on my way from Kochi. Will write about that one day.

One thing for sure. A resolve to take a resolution itself is half job done. Perhaps the execution has to do a lot with the commitment and determination. Resolutions are good to imbue the spirit of getting orderliness out of chaos. It is like getting the house cleaned once an year - in the name of festivals. As long as the memoirs and habbits don't give a hangover of last year, New Year resolutions are fine. Whatever that be.

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