Thursday, December 22, 2005

Plastic Ban

There was such a hue and cry after the "day of deluge" in Mumbai to ban the plastic. Society ,cutting across all social and political barriers welcomed this decision. People had even prepared to move in the market with their own bags.
Just then, the curse of democracy prevailed. Anyone can challenge any damn thing here. Political pressure came heavily on the decision makers. The delay in implementation of the ban was a clear indication.. This time too, this is going to die.
It is now official. The decision on the ban is deferred. You can see the celebration of the dirt on the road side. Ugly colored thin plastic bags inflated in the dusty winds fly happily on the roadside corners and decorate the gutters.
Who has ever said that slum dwellers would not comply with laws if the plastic ban comes to effect? Ask a slum dweller. He would tell a different story. No way to carry the things to his home. That is logistics.. not to do with the convenience of plastic. They are also aware of it's ugly side. But, there is no alternative.
The NGOs need to look at this problem from a different paradigm. Instead of just focussing on Plastic ban, let them try to educate people to move away from plastic and use the alternate sources of carry bags. This will be more pragmatic as the plastic lobby is as strong as the cigarette lobby. No money is sufficient to fight with them. Socially ostracize the habbit .. that would work.


Muthu said...

There is no link for your tamil blog from here...

Sudhakar Kasturi said...

Hi Muthu,
thanks. I have corrected that now.