Saturday, April 11, 2015

Educated idiots

Nothing could be as perfect as today. A cool breeze in the morning, a cup of hot filter coffee with no burnt smell of coffee powder yet giving a strong decoction, sumptuous breakfast of Maharashtrian  poha washed down with second cup of coffee...

To add more pleasantries in the ephemeral morning, I called my friend in Kolkatta. "Kee kabor, da?" followed with all other nothings jumped to the topic of diabetics , as usual. This is what I feared the most, like the morning turning into hot , unbearable afternoon. 

" So, what is the drug you  are taking now?" 

"hmm" moaned I while trying to steer away. This topic would take the entire day. He would talk for hours on what he had, what he would... till the time, Bhabhi shouts to come for lunch. It is still 2 hours from now.

"You could try the multi vitamins, sudhokor haan"

There he goes. 

"Vitamins dada?"

"Yes. Most of the doctors are morons. They do not know what imbalance is bothering you, man. It could be simple B complex or Ascorbic Acid.. you know what is it?" Typical Bengali trying to show off his knowledge.

"Yeah" I was tired. Sun is rising up and getting hotter. " Vitamin C, Dada. I know these stuff. but.."  Dada interrupted my tired answer.

"You know, having an Indian gooseberry with honey.. Yes, honey.. man. It is not going to shoot up your sugar. Believe me"

"So, how does Amla get you the Vitamin A, B Complexes and the rest of the D3, D6, E and .."

"Never mind" he snapped. " It is all there. Honey has many vitamins"

Does it? I have read honey has multiple types of sugars but not D3, D6 ,E and K as of my knowledge. 

"It is natural remedy bhai. It is all there in our system. I have stopped taking all the glimiperides, metmorphins. useless drugs, day light robbery by doctors and pharma companies"

I was worried that he would come to this point. Ever wondered why the newly converted naturopathy followers abhor the modern medicine? 

"Dada" I was a bit cautious, not to sound even a bit of an advise. " You may like to consult your doctor, in both schools, before taking any drastic step".

"Ha. No need, man. All is well as long  as you are convinced and follow the regimen. It is all in mind. You  know , mind in it self.."

Thanks to the call drop , I got off. Not sure, if I would ever see the dada again in pink of health or in a bed trying to use a bed pan. 

Whatever be the medicine, let us not pretend we do not have an issue. That arrogance of voluntary stupidity could be  lethal. 

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