Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Back after 5 years

 5 years!

For the past five years I had almost forgotten this blog... A pang of guilt rises, not for  I did not write, for  I had not remembered that I had not written any in this white canvas. 

It is ok, if you don't live; but you should not be alive, not  knowing that you are not dead, yet.

When I had promised Karthik that I would find out my English blog which used to be in blogger some years ago, I did not think it would have been five years since I had last written any in that.

My English was never great, but was not that bad, that I would hesitate writing in it. It is not a writer's block . It was just a slip of memory, not enough care that I used to write in this as well. 

There are enough experiences to share with all friends who would not know (unfortuantely ) to read Tamil, and till date ( fortunately ) escaping my trysts with blogging in Tamil. I could have served them a coup de grace with my English blogs , after they had suffered enough visiting my site and trying to comprehend what the hell I had tried to say there...

A sadist motive is now more stronger in my pangs of having lost 5 years... 

Well, you asked for it.

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